As a land or property owner you will no doubt appreciate that you possess a valuable asset. But are you aware of all the development opportunities available to you? And if you have already applied for planning consent with a view to selling did you know that there are many lucrative options open to you that are often overlooked? Put simply your land could be worth more than you think.

We specialise in helping landowners like you navigate the many pitfalls that can occur when assessing a valued site. Plus, we have got the expertise and experience of dealing with a range of national, regional and local house builders, so if you are thinking of selling we can often introduce you to a serious buyer.

What types of sites are of interest?

Currently, many shapes and sizes of land are in demand – from uniquely shaped parcels that often suit bespoke properties in densely populated areas to large open plots more suited to mixed-use developments. Gardens, office buildings and commercial properties are also all desirable.

Brownfield, Greenfield and Strategic Land all have potential for any number of prospective uses – from residential housing and care homes through to retirement developments and affordable housing.

We are sensitive to the needs of those thinking of selling land in close proximity to their homes and neighbours. So we will work in partnership with you, carry out community consultations when necessary and clearly explain the process to help you achieve the level of planning consent you require to secure a sale.

What part does planning play?

Land tends to be offered for certain in one of three ways.

  • With planning consent.
  • Without planning consent.
  • Subject to planning consent.

When a piece of land is sold subject to planning, the interested buyer will agree to buy the site and exchange contracts as long as they are able to secure the planning consent they need to develop on the land. (This agreement will be covered by what is known as either an option or conditional contract). So it becomes the buyer’s responsibility to submit the planning application at their own cost and when/or crucially if the planning consent is granted the sale will be completed. And while selling a site in this manner has risks and can be protracted a lengthy process It is by no means insurmountable.

It is not uncommon to be baffled by the terminology and processes involved, so please get in touch if you have any questions. We have knowledge of the land and property development industry and the parties involved which enables us to offer unrivalled advice and insight. With our help, you can achieve the best possible price with the least possible fuss. 

Development Consultancy Services

We offer on-the-ground insight and advice that is regularly converted into profitable results. Come to us for design advice and tactical guidance on key regeneration projects or press our team on anything from option appraisals and scheme optimisation to feasibility studies or getting the housing mix right for a specific location.

Understanding the requirements of our clients and delivering value drives our service offering. We will tailor our strategies to your specific needs enabling you to maximise the value of your assets.

Come to us for specific advice and commonly requested services such as:

  • Pricing
  • Market Research
  • Concept Analysis
  • Scheme Analysis
  • Value Engineering
  • New Home Sales

The 5 Stages of Development

Has your land got potential?

Applying for planning consent

Planning refused

Planning approved

Site under construction

Our People, Your Assest


Destiny Evans Land and New Homes Manager

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Meet Destiny, Manager of the Land and New Homes department.

With a keen focus on West Cumbria, she specialises in identifying and bringing exciting land and new homes opportunities to the region. Destiny collaborates with a diverse range of professionals, including landowners, housebuilders, architects, and planners, to help our partners unlock the full potential of their investments and achieve maximum profitability.

As part of our partnership with the Land and New Homes Network, Destiny benefits from a vast support network that grants her access to the knowledge and expertise of esteemed industry professionals. Her extensive market intelligence allows her to stay ahead of the game, and she always looks forward to connecting with like-minded individuals throughout Cumbria and beyond.

Connect with Destiny Evans on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and opportunities in the dynamic world of land and new homes.


Rachel Ritson MARLA Managing Director

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Rachel Ritson MD of Grisdales Estate Agents talks to journalist Christopher Watkin Find out about the bossWATCH OR READ ALL ABOUT RACHEL'S JOURNEY HERE

Say hello to Rachel, the driving force behind Grisdales! She's the captain of our ship, steering the company in the right direction and making sure we're always on course. Responsible for the strategy and direction of the company, day-to-day work involves ensuring our people, systems and brand are working cohesively and aligned with our culture and company values of passion, honesty, expertise, consideration and potential.  Her main priority is to ensure the whole team is engaged and enjoying their work… a happy team means happy customers.

Rachel's journey with Grisdales started over 20 years ago, and as the business grew, so did her responsibilities. By the end of 2014, she was running the business, and in 2016, she officially became the owner of the company. But before joining Grisdales, Rachel had her own business, providing accounting and management information services to local companies. And way back, she worked for the international company Dupont.

As a member of the Association of Residential Lettings Agents, Rachel is always staying up-to-date with the latest industry knowledge. She's also a lifelong learner, having completed programs like the Women in Cumbria Taking The Lead initiative and a Level 4 qualification in Business Management. She's even part of the prestigious Leadership Summit program by The Property Academy.

When Rachel isn't busy leading the charge at Grisdales, she's surrounded by her big, loving family. With three children, three stepchildren, and several grandkids, family get-togethers are her favourite. And to stay fit and unwind, she hits the trails for a run or a leisurely walk in the fells. Of course, she always finds time to kick back and relax with her husband Neil.

Connect with Rachel on LinkedIn.


Rebekah Marston New Homes Sales Advisor

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Meet Rebekah, our friendly and knowledgeable New Homes Sales Advisor. With her expertise, she helps clients find their perfect new build homes at our sales developments.

Rebekah brings a diverse sales background to her role. From selling vehicles and 4x4s at a local dealership to helping clients find their dream homes in sunny Fuerteventura, she has a passion for connecting people with the right properties.

Outside of work, Rebekah cherishes time with her husband and two young children in their home in Carlisle. Whether they're exploring the beautiful lakes in their caravan or soaking up the sun on a tropical beach, family adventures bring her immense joy. She's also an avid runner and enjoys relaxing moments with her friends.

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