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A Grisdales Guide: Moving Day Tips

In this week’s blog we thought we’d bring you some tips on moving to a new house. Not the actual selling of the house as we take care of that but the physical moving process! There is no getting away from the fact that moving to a new house can be a headache. Moving day can be an extremely stressful time but if you follow our tips then that will help to keep the stress at a minimum.

We’ve created a to do list that will cover some of those practical elements… aiming to make the move as stress free as possible.

Don’t forget to:-

  • Cancel and transfer home insurance
  • Notify car and life insurance of your change of address.
  • Make sure utilities are transferred to the new address (TV, phone, internet).
  • Round up utility bills (electricity, gas, council tax)
  • Redirect your post.
  • Have change of address cards sent out.
  • Start the registration process of a new doctor if required.
  • Book in the removal with plenty of notice.
  • Have parking for the removal secured (a removals specialist such as Ward Thomas can organise that for you)
  • Start packing, if the removal men are not packing everything.
  • Start sorting out your possessions: what is going with you, what is staying, what is being thrown, given away, sold, put into storage.
  • Become familiar with your new home, parking, access requirements (the size of corridors and rooms. Will everything fit?).