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Christmas Decoration Tips

Since we’ve entered the festive season, we thought we’d share some tips on how to decorate your home for Christmas. These tips are low cost but can make a big impact.

Colour scheme – Choosing a colour scheme can be a great way to make a simple but effective display. Christmas colours include red, green, gold, silver, white and blue. You can pick a few of these colours and collect some decorations together and spread them around your house. When they share a colour scheme they become more visible and therefore more effective.


DIY Decorations – Create your own homemade decorations. It’s a lot cheaper and it can be a lot of fun for families to do together. We’ve got some great ideas for you here: http://www.countryliving.com/diy-crafts/tips/g907/craft-ideas-for-christmas-decorations-1209/?


Advent Calendars – This is another decoration tip that involves a bit of DIY. All you need is a set of brown envelopes, some string, some pegs and a few nails. Fill the envelopes with a treat, a life lesson or a memory and peg the envelopes up numbered with the days of December on. You can be as simplistic as you like with this but you can also make it look like a glitter factory has exploded. This simple idea can be one of the most thoughtful things you do this Christmas.


Themes – You can choose a certain theme to help tie everything together and make everything that little but more special. Themes could include ice kingdom, Santa’s grotto or even gingerbread house. Each of these themes would include their own personal decorations, there’s loads of different options to choose from!


Sweet treats – Christmas is notorious for food and sweet treats, why not add them into your decorations? Chocolates on your tree, candy canes on your door and a gingerbread house in the kitchen. Homemade is a great option for cakes and biscuits but it’s cheap enough to buy some chocolates and sweets.


If you’re looking for a more a sophisticated Christmas decoration look, check out Sassy Property Styling’s latest blog: CLICK HERE


You’ve got some tips on how to decorate your house, now you just need a home to decorate. Browse through our selection of houses available to move in before Christmas or after: https://www.grisdales.co.uk/latest-properties/