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Faster Broadband in Cumbria

More than 127,000 homes and businesses are now able to order faster speeds, thanks to the county council’s multi-million pound Connecting Cumbria partnership with BT and Openreach, the UK’s largest telephone and broadband network.

And after it was also announced (Tuesday 9 October 2018) that more than half of premises included have already taken the decision to sign-up to a fibre connection, local MP Trudy Harrison was one of the first to congratulate the broadband partnership for their work to bring faster and more reliable broadband into some of Copeland’s most rural areas.

Trudy Harrison MP, said:
“It is encouraging that 93 per cent of premises are now able to access superfast broadband. Having access to faster broadband is incredibly important for our local economy, as well as for the many small businesses in our communities and those who live and visit the area, especially now, as a World Heritage Site.
“However, there is still work to do, particularly in the more rural areas. Thanks to the hard work, and success so far, of the Connecting Cumbria partnership, we’re seeing funds being reinvested into extending the reach of superfast broadband even further.”
The rush to sign-up to superfast broadband is of no surprise to two local estate agents, who are this week highlighting the importance of faster and more reliable broadband:

Our very own Rachel Ritson shared her thoughts on the news stating how it can be a deciding factor for prospective buyers:
“We are starting to see a real increase in people taking an interest in broadband speeds, with more and more people working from home, or at least having the option to work flexibly. There are many factors that people weigh up before placing an offer, but without doubt, broadband is starting to be one of the deciding factors when it comes to choosing a suitable property.”

You can test your own internet speed by using this handy free online tool: CLICK HERE


Copeland MP Trudy Harrison and local estate agents pictured at Whitehaven Marina to celebrate the arrival of fibre broadband.
L-R- Angela Kelly, Openreach senior marketing manager, Chris Perkins from First Choice Move estate agents, Trudy Harrison MP, Jonathan Harris, senior programme manager from Connecting Cumbria, Rachel Ritson from Grisdales estate agents and councillor Keith Hitchen