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Grisdales Guide: Get the most out of your property viewing

Buying or renting a home is a big deal. You could be living there for a few years or the rest of your life. With this in mind, it’s vital that when you view a potential property, you take the correct amount of time to be find out everything you need to know, leaving no stone unturned.

Viewing a property is an important moment so we thought we would provide you with some tips. These tips will help you to make the most out of your property viewing!


Part of the neighbourhood

When you buy/rent a property, you’re not only purchasing the building, you’re also buying your way into the local community. Most properties will have a thorough descriptions of their surroundings but check it out for yourself. How far is it to walk to the shops? Where is the nearest school? Different areas will provide a different you with different feels. You need to think of your own needs… for example, if you’re looking to start a family, does the area provide a family feel that you could easily become part of? It’s important you feel comfortable in your new surroundings.

No ones in a rush!

You may feel uncomfortable looking around someone else’s home but as this has the potential to be your new home, you need to make the most of the opportunity inside. Your time inside the property should be spent looking around, asking questions and developing a sense of how the property feels. Sit in the living room, imagine you’re relaxing on a Sunday afternoon with the family around. Taking that extra time will help to make sure you’re well informed about your potential new property.

How much space is there?

Usually, you’ll be looking to acquire as much space as possible for your money. You need to have your thinking cap on when viewing a property because it’s important to figure out if your furniture and possessions will fit. You may have a Queen size bed in your current home but will this fit in your new bedroom? View how the current owners have set out the rooms and see if this will work for you. Moving is a great time to have a clear out of your possessions so don’t worry too much if you don’t think everything will fit.

Check, check and check again.

There are many different things that go on when you buy/rent a property. It’s important that everything is done in the right way and the viewing is no exception (We like to think we’ve made that clear in this blog!). Sometimes one viewing isn’t enough, be patient and visit again at a different time of day to see if the feel of the property changes.

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