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Grisdales Pet Friendly Properties

Grisdales won’t be spooked by pets this Halloween… Did you know that we have a selection of pet friendly rental properties that will allow you and your furry friends to live in peace! In this day and age, pets are a massive part of society and you shouldn’t have to own a home to be able to live with your pets. If a rental property is pet friendly, it will be listed in the property description.

As a landlord, what are the benefits to offering up your property as pet friendly?

Larger pool of applications to choose from

If you’ve ever owned a pet before, you’ll know how difficult it can be to find a property that will accommodate you. By removing this issue from your guidelines, your property can now be occupied by a much wider pool of potential tenants.

Long term tenants

As a landlord, the best thing for your property is to find long term tenants. Owning a pet is often a sign of having a stable and settled life. This means that there is a correlation between pet owners and tenants that won’t want to be moving around.

Happy and respectful clients

As it’s difficult to find pet friendly properties, tenants will be extremely happy once they’ve found somewhere to accommodate their needs. This means that they won’t want to go out searching for properties again (in the near future) so they’re more than likely to be as respectful and possible with your property to ensure they can maximise their stay.

Increase demand and lower time on the market

Having a pet friendly property also means that when the property does become vacant, there’s a very strong chance that it won’t stay vacant for long. Demand is always high for pet friendly properties!

Did you know that Grisdales provide a ‘Vet the Pet’ questionnaire that will help to clear up any questions surrounding the pets. We don’t mind if you add a paw print as an additional signature!

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