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Square footage equals pound signs in the world of property and adding extra space almost certainly maximizes property value. If budget allows, consider adding an extension to enhance space within the home. Use the Rightmove extension cost tool here to assist with budgeting and ensure costs don’t outweigh the value of the end product. Loft conversions, adding an extra bedroom and even securing planning permission without carrying out the work can all help boost your homes value.



Would you be shocked to hear a house with fewer rooms could seem larger? That’s right, properties with fewer but larger, open plan rooms often create the illusion of a bigger home. Be sure to carry out the correct checks and ensure wall and floor coverings flow throughout the multi-functional rooms to aid the appearance of open and airy spaces.



A great way to refresh the look of a kitchen or bathroom without breaking the bank is by fitting new furnishings. Furthermore, a modern bathroom and kitchen is a great way to win over purchasers, as almost a quarter of them are often put off by dated suites. Think new work tops, cabinets or taps to help modernise the room and create bags of appeal.



Highly finished homes certainly demand a higher asking price and could be key in securing the extra pounds (and that chandelier!). Address tired looking décor including peeling paints and loose tiles, touch up damp stains and re-do, or finish off, any DIY projects.



In a recent poll, a staggering 63% of buyers would shun a house if it was dirty! Now, making sure your home is clean and tidy is unlikely to help with raking in the extra pounds, but you certainly aren’t going to achieve a sale if the viewers are hesitant to step into the bathroom. Try to de-clutter and make sure your windows are also gleaming, as almost all viewers make a beeline to check out the property’s views!