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How to save money on your heating bill: A Grisdales Guide

In this week’s blog, we’re going to be bringing you some money saving tips on how to keep the house warm whilst still saving a bit of money. It’s that time of year again when days are shorter and it’s that little bit harder to get out of bed on a morning. These are just some of the factors that contribute to the heating being cranked up and the fire being lit. The money saving tips below should help to lower your energy bills.


Be strategic with your heating – There’s always high demand for the heating to be cranked up in the house and there’s nothing wrong with doing this. What you can do to save money is to be strategic with your use of the heating. It doesn’t have to be turned on all the time, most heating systems can be set on timers. This means that it can be nice and toasty when you wake up in the morning and at night but not when it’s not needed during the day.


Raised in a barn? – Make sure whenever you’re occupying a room that the door is closed. You might feel unsociable but not closing the door will result in heat staying where it’s needed.

Layers – It might seem simple but make sure you’re making the most of all the clothes you have in your wardrobe. Make sure you’ve got those fluffy socks and knitted jumpers on. Sometimes this may mean putting your temperature over fashion.


Shop around – This has become the trend in all industries in recent years especially energy suppliers. Make sure you shop around for the best deals for heating your home, you’ll be surprised how much you can save just by putting in a few hours research on the weekend. With an army of comparison sites and help online, you can definitely save some pennies


Don’t hide away – Curtains and blinds play an important part of keeping light out but during the day you want to be throwing them open and letting all the light in. This will help to let more heat into the room. This is reversed during the night for keeping the heat in.


Give your radiators some space – Like a messy break up you need to give them space to breathe. Making sure radiators aren’t obstructed by furniture or other items allows for the heat to circulate around a room rather than getting trapped.


Insulation – Insulation doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. There are expensive options that can be considered investments such as double or triple glazing and loft insulation but you can make a difference on a budget. Cheaper solutions can be filling in cracks in the wall with insulating foam or using draft excluders. Draft excluders come in all sorts of designs but you can purchase conventional ones that aren’t multicoloured snakes.