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Interior Design Trends 2019

You want your home to be looking it’s best inside and out. In this week’s blog we’re going to be taking a look at interior design trends for 2019. Whether it’s a specific style or particular item, you’ll find it in this guide.

Sustainability – In a world where sustainability is becoming ever more important, be conscious of how you go about designing your home in 2019. There are many ways you can go about doing this, think about who you’re buying from and what type of materials are going into the products you use. A growing trend that is happening is upcycling. This involves buying used items and improving them yourself.


Biophilia – This is all about humans having a connection with nature. There’s a greater emphasis on this in 2019 and there’s many ways how you can achieve this. Wood, stone, daylight and plants can all be used to help drive this relationship. As a society we’re now technology driven however you can help fight against this within your own home.


Maximalist art – In previous years, minimalist art has been a trend. However, like the size of mobile phones, it’s time for the bigger the better. When it comes to art, you should be looking at bright colours and bold patterns. You can be as dramatic as you like, don’t be afraid to go for a large-scale piece that wouldn’t look out of place on a palace wall.


Four poster bed – A style often lost to history, the four-poster bed is making a return. The thinking behind this is that fact that we’re living in uncertain times and the posters offer up a sense of comfort and safety. And where better to offer this feeling than in a bedroom.


Bold black bathrooms – Ever wondered what it’s like to have a spa in your own home? A bold black bathroom can create a spa inspired look that will have you relaxing in a different world when it comes to taking that long overdue bubble bath.


Comfort is key – With all sorts going on in 2019, it’s important not to look past the concept of comfort. Whether it’s a soft carpet or a quality chair, make sure you’ve got the right equipment to relax.