There are over 150 pieces of lettings legislation that a landlord must adhere to and the laws are constantly changing and growing. When you let with Grisdales, we’ll ensure you fulfil your legal responsibilities. Take a look at our compliance checklist for an overview of some of the key regulations you must adhere to.

Lettings Legislation Compliance Checklist

Safety Standards

Electrical Services

All electrical installations within the property must be inspected and tested by someone who is qualified and competent, periodically (5 years as a minimum) and a ECIR report must be obtained.

Gas Services

All gas services must be inspected by a Gas Safe registered engineer annually and a gas safety certificate must be obtained and kept on record, with the tenants receiving a copy of the report.

Smoke and CO Alarms

The landlord has a responsibility to fit the correct alarms and ensure they are in working order. Smoke alarms must be fitted on each storey where a room is used as living accommodation. Living rooms which contain a fixed combustion appliance must also have a CO alarm.

Legionella Testing

A landlord must assess and control the risk of exposure to legionella bacteria within their property.

Furniture & Furnishings Regulations

Legislation states that any furniture and furnishings within a tenanted property must adhere to fire and safety regulations.

Fitness for Human Habitation

This piece of legislation is in place to ensure a property is fit for human habitation before and throughout a tenancy. It concerns factors such as damp, ventilation, drainage and water supply to name a few.

Repair Obligations

A landlord must keep the structure and exterior of the tenanted house in working order throughout the tenancy, carrying out basic repairs if they should arise.

Energy Performance

Energy Ratings

The rented property must have an energy performance rating of at least ‘E’. This rating is listed within an EPC which is produced following an energy performance assessment.

Tenant Checks

Right to Rent

Checks must be undertook to ensure the tenant has the right to rent a property in the UK. These checks are completed by Grisdales on your behalf, where we will check and take copies of original documentation showing the tenants ID.

Deposit Protection

Tenancy Deposit Protection

A deposit must legally be transferred and held by a government approved tenancy deposit protection scheme (TDP). We will do this on your behalf and our chosen scheme is the Deposit Protection scheme. For more information visit HERE.


Financial Responsibilities


Taxes must be paid on any income generated from a rented home. This comes via income tax if your a private landlord or class 2 NI if your rental income forms part of a business.

Overseas Landlords

Overseas Landlord: If you live overseas but rent out a property in the UK, your classed as a ‘non-resident landlord’ and must also pay tax on your rental income.

Permission from Mortgage Lender

You must take out the correct type of mortgage if you are buying a property to let. If you have an existing mortgage in place but intend to go on to let out your property, you must also obtain permission from your lender.

Landlord Insurance

Although there is no legal requirement to obtain landlord insurance, we recommend having an adequate policy in place for peace of mind and to protect both your tenant and your investment.

Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection Act 2008

A landlord or an agent must notify the consumer of anything which is likely to cause them to take a ‘different transactional decision’. For example, disclosing that the property next door is a building site.

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