Before Renting

Why should I use a letting agent?

When you rent through Grisdales you can be assured that the service you will receive will be of a high standard – award winning in fact! You will have a professional on hand to assist you who not only knows the local area and the industry like the back of our hand, but who are accountable and work in line with industry regulated practises.

How much does it cost to rent?

  • HOLDING DEPOSIT We will take a holding deposit to reserve your property. This is equivalent to one weeks rent and usually, this is deducted from the first rent payment. Speak to your Lettings Negotiator to find out more about holding deposits.
  • FIRST RENT PAYMENT The first months rent payment is due before entering the property. Your holding deposit will count towards this payment and be deducted from the balance due (unless agreed otherwise).
  • DAMAGE DEPOSIT A damage deposit is paid prior to the tenancy and is equal to five weeks rent. This money is held by the DPS and will be returned to you in accordance with the tenancy agreement once your tenancy finishes. We also offer a Zero Deposit scheme, find out more HERE.

Find out more about tenant fees HERE. 

How long are your tenancy agreements for?

Almost all of our properties are offered on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy for an initial term of six months (unless stated or agreed otherwise). When the initial term comes to an end, you may negotiate a further fixed term or move over to a rolling month-by-month tenancy. Speak to your local branch for further information.

Help Deciding Which Property Is For You

Can I have pets?

Contact your local branch about our pet-friendly properties.

How soon can I move in?

On average it takes 5-10 working days to process your tenancy application and prepare the property for the tenancy. You will submit a preferred move in date alongside your application and we will always endeavour to accommodate this. For specific timescales, speak to your local branch.

Can I decorate?

We want you to make your rental property as homely and welcoming as possible. If you would like to make any cosmetic changes to the property, enquire during the application phase and we will negotiate this with the landlord.

Applying For a Property

Why do I need a reference check?

Our reference checks are completed by Homelet and involve a credit, landlord and employment check. We will carry out these checks based upon the landlord’s instruction and discretion and the information will provide an outline of your background and provide assurances that the property is a good fit for you.

Referencing usually takes 7 days depending on the accuracy of the information provided and how responsive your referees are. You will not cover the associated costs of these checks.

What is DocuSign?

DocuSign is an online platform that provides electronic signature technology and replaces the traditional pen and paper signature. You can easily access your documents instantly and on any device available to hand. Just click on the email link sent to you.

All documents signed via DocuSign are legally binding and you can review them many times as you like until you are ready to sign. Once the agreement has been signed by all parties, you’ll receive the finalised document via a further link. This digital file replaces a paper agreement.

What is an inventory?

The inventory details the property, its condition and contents prior to your tenancy and this will be sent to you via DocuSign on the day your tenancy begins.

This document is in place to protect you and your landlord during the tenancy and we advise you to review, add any comments (where applicable) and sign it as soon as possible once you’ve entered your new home. We normally suggest within 48 hours of entering the property as a maximum. When your tenancy comes to an end, the inventory will be used during your end of tenancy check to ensure everything is left in order.

What happens to my deposit?

We will pay your damage deposit into the Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS) where it will remain protected until your tenancy comes to an end. Read more about the DPS HERE.

Help For Existing Tenants

Who do I speak to when I have a query?

This will depend on the service chosen by your landlord but you will be notified upon entering the tenancy agreement.

If your property is ‘managed’, then we will look after you for the duration of your tenancy. You can contact us with any queries you may have and we will oversee any repairs that crop up during your time in the property. Grisdales will carry out inspections on your landlords behalf and take care of the rent payments, alongside handling your notice when you wish to end the tenancy.

If your property is ‘let-only’, then you will refer to your landlord with any queries and issues while living in your property. In some instances, your landlord may handle all repairs and general queries but you will pay your rent directly to us. If your unsure and would like some assistance, get in touch with your local branch.

What happens with utilities?

The tenant is responsible for the payment of any services relating to their property such as gas, electric and council tax. We will notify the relevant suppliers that you have entered the property and they will be in touch with you directly via post.

You will have full access to gas, electricity and water when you enter your property. Once your tenancy has begun, you can organise further services such as internet access. Please consult your local branch before installing or changing any equipment within your property.

I have a repair

If Grisdales oversee your tenancy, please log your repair via the online repairs portal. If you do not have the website to hand, the links can be found HERE.

If your landlord looks after you and your property directly, please get in contact with them.

Can someone move in with me?

To make changes to your existing tenancy, including amending existing tenants or occupiers or adding additional people to your agreement,  you must submit a formal written request to Grisdales. We will then submit your request to the landlord for approval and may advise that a reference check is required. If approved, all parties within the new tenancy must sign a new tenancy agreement.

I would like to give notice on my property

Your notice must be submitted in writing, giving a period of one months notice of your intentions to leave your property. Your vacation date and notice period must coincide with your monthly rent payment date.

In most cases, you cannot give notice to leave before the end of your fixed term period.

For example:

  • Tenancy period: 15th day of each month to 14th day of the next month
  • Monthly rent payment date: 15th day of each month
  • Vacation date: 14th February
  • Notice sent: On or before 15th January, giving one months notice

Contact us if you have any further questions.

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