At every stage, our dedicated team is here to support you, providing expert advice and tailored services to ensure your property achieves its full potential.


Free, No-obligation House Appraisal

At Grisdales, we offer free, no-obligation property valuation appointments. Our experienced experts will personally visit your property to assess its location and condition. Leveraging this information along with current market trends and recent sales data, we meticulously calculate a precise property valuation. Setting the right and realistic price for your property stands as the initial and crucial step for a successful sale.

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Not Quite Ready for a Valuation? Our free and instant property valuation calculator is an ideal solution. This tool is perfect for those in the early contemplative stages of moving, providing swift insights without any commitment.

Legal Considerations

Preparing For Your Sale

Ensuring a smooth transaction includes addressing legal considerations. We guide you through the importance of having all necessary documentation in order, such as property deeds, certificates, and compliance with local regulations. Our expertise ensures a legally sound and stress-free selling process.

As an additional resource, feel free to consult the latest government advice and resources below. 

Government Seller Guidance

Marketing Strategy

Maximising Buyer Interest

Grisdales’ marketing strategies seamlessly blend traditional and digital techniques, aiming for extensive visibility among potential buyers. Our approach goes beyond the standard, tailoring strategies based on the Unique Selling Points of your property. From captivating lifestyle-focused brochures to prominent high-street displays, engaging social media marketing, strategic online promotion, targeted email marketing, and immersive virtual property tours, every aspect is finely tuned to maximise buyer interest.


To maximise your property’s appeal, we can also offer expert guidance on minor repairs, staging tips, and potential improvements that could increase its market value. Our aim is to present your property in the best possible light to attract discerning buyers.


Accompanied By Our In-house Experts

We are here to capture buyer interest and deliver it straight to your door. Flexibility is at the core of our viewings process, and weekends, being prime viewing times, are why we’re available six days a week. Our in-house experts accompany each viewing* with potential buyers to address any questions they may have. Following every viewing, we diligently gather buyer feedback, and you can anticipate regular updates and insights from us.

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Transparent Communication

Informed at Every Stage

We pride ourselves on transparent communication throughout the entire process. Expect regular updates, timely responses to inquiries, and a dedicated point of contact for any seller concerns. Our commitment to clear communication ensures you are informed and confident at every stage.

Additionally, we provide regular property performance statistics to keep you well-informed about the progress and market dynamics related to your property.

Offers and Negotiation

Achieving the Best Price

You’ll have a dedicated Sales Negotiator overseeing your sale and their main priority is to achieve the best results for your property. At Grisdales, we nurture offers, working them up to ensure we secure the best price possible. Our Offer Qualification Process ensures any offers we receive towards your property are proceedable from the get-go and our service always includes communications with solicitors, clients and buyers including re-negotiations where necessary.


Keeping Things Moving

A timely and efficient sale is important to everyone, whether that be sellers or buyers. Grisdales’ rigorous Sales Progression System assists the smooth transition of your sale throughout the conveyancing period. Our industry-qualified staff are also trained by local solicitors on how to support you and your buyer through the sales process and we continuously review the status of your sale with both parties’ solicitors to ensure things are always kept moving – that’s why our completion rate is 17% above the industry average.

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A Successful Sale

Our dedication extends to the completion of the sale. Grisdales operates on a fee-upon-completion basis, meaning our fees are only due when the sale concludes successfully.

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