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“I am very happy with the service provided by Grisdales acting as letting agents my property. The service provided is very professional and the team are always pleasant and very helpful. I feel confident that Grisdales are looking after my interests as well as the interests of my tenants which makes for a happy letting partnership.” – Mrs H


“The whole process has been fairly straightforward and made really easy. We were updated throughout and any problems were resolved really quickly” – Miss K      


“We were delighted with the service Grisdales gave us in regard to letting the Cottage. It was a very smooth transition and didn’t involve much work on our part which was wonderful.” – Mrs D


I am very grateful to Mr Robert Sunners and Ms Destiny Evans for all their help, in particular, plus the kindness of any reception staff I have encountered.

- M Hopkins, Cockermouth

Thank you so much for getting the readings for me. I wish to say that you have proven to be one of the best and helpful agencies that I have ever used. So once more thanking you for all your efforts. Nov'18

- David and Pauline Stocks, Whitehaven

Judith has been my main point of contact. She is very professional and great at her job. She communicates really well, promptly and efficiently. The tenancy has been really good and I cannot fault any aspect of the service.

- M Morgan, Workington

I am a tenant through Grisdales and I have also been a landlord of Grisdales. I am very happy with everything that has been happening. I have been dealing with the Cockermouth branch and they are all amazing. 

- A Wainwright, Greysouthen

Clare was fantastic!  She did a valuation for me and she was on time, prompt with everything and gave me advice and information that I needed.  I couldn't have asked for more.

- Mr Graham, Workington

Helen has been very good, she kept us well informed and explained everything to us.  There is nothing at all that I can think of to improve as we got the end result and that is what we wanted.

- Mr Lory, Workington

Laura has been brilliant!  She was very polite and I couldn't fault her at all.  I was very happy with the price and the fees.

- Mr McGlasson, Workington

Helen has been brilliant!  She has been very good, kept us up to date and she just worked very hard.  She pushed to get the result we needed.

- R Fisher, Harrington

I am very happy with the lettings side of things and Alison has been fantastic, she could not have been more helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend you. Everything has been fine apart form a small leak we had but the landlord sorted that on the same day.

- C Sams, Cockermouth

'Lisa has been super. She just keeps me informed and keeps things going. All the maintenance issues have been handled very well and I could not be happier.'  August 2018  

- Dr C Perks, Cockermouth

I think that the girls are all very friendly, I ask them to do something and they get it sorted. This is appreciated by me, as they look after my property and I live over in Ireland so I can entrust them to do everything for me. I cannot say a bad word about any of the agents, they are all so courteous and friendly and I have never had a problem. There are no complaints at all.  June 2018

- Mr Haughian, Egremont

Brilliant!  They have sorted the problems out very efficiently and also kept me informed.  Alison was really helpful.  I have no complaints, I am thoroughly impressed. - June 2018

- Anon, Branthwaite

I would recommend Grisdales to anyone wishing to sell their home.  All the staff were very approachable and efficient.  I particularly liked the marketing tactics and how I was informed all the time.  Grisdales made the whole process stress free. - June 2018

- Mrs Billing, Egremont

Judith and the team have have been very good. They put it on the market with you and it was let two hours later. The whole process went very quick and very smooth. - May 2018

- Anon, Cockermouth

Susan and the rest of the team have all been brilliant. You found me this lovely property. Susan rang me as soon the property came on the market, I viewed it the next day and put an offer on it. It all went very smoothly and straight forward. I could not be happier.- May 2018

- Anon, Cockermouth

Susan, thanks to yourself, Rob and everyone else who either myself or Lucy spoke to during the process, everyone was professional and courteous, and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Grisdales to anyone. Thanks again!! - May 2018

- Tom Hodgson, Cockermouth

My main point of contact has been Judith for about 20 years. The service has been fine, no problem at all and there is nothing at all to improve. The tenancy has been very smooth so far. - May 2018

- A Keenan, Cockermouth

Alison and Judith have both been perfect! There is nothing at all to improve. The recent process has been very straight forward and smooth. - April 2018

- Mr C Perks, Workington

Judith was very thorough and charming. Everything she said she would do, she did. It was done in a very timely manner. You could tell that she had done her research. I really like the office as it very professional. I was also happy with the price. - April 2018

- Ms M Lockett, Cockermouth

It has been a very big team effort as we have a few properties. I am very happy with how everything has gone and I cannot fault them at all. - April 2018

- Mr R Walker, Workington

Alison and Destiny are both spot on and really good. Their communication skills are very good and they keep in touch with me. - March 2018

- Mr Markham, Cockermouth

Thanks for all you prompt attention in dealing with our purchase. You helped with a solicitor and insurance and enabled our daughter and ourselves to have the opportunity to view on more than one occasion. You were all very attentive and helpful throughout. - February 2018

- Mr & Mrs Lewis, Spain

I was not actually there for the valuation as I live in Newcastle. It was all conducted on time and I was very happy with it all. I put the property on the market with you, got the brochure done and I really liked it. It has all been done remotely and the level of communication has been brilliant. I have used them before so I came back as I feel that I can trust them all.  - January 2018

- S Lamont, Cockermouth

Judith has been excellent! There is nothing to improve, she just gets on with it and gets things sorted. She also explains things well to me. The tenants have been perfect and have reported no maintenance issues. - March 2018

- Mrs W Kirkpatrick, Brigham

Alison has been superb! She is just very good, she does everything right, proactive and approachable. The recent process went well and I cannot fault them. - March 2018

- Mr Lightfoot, Cockermouth

Thank you, Kay. And thank you to you all - particularly yourself, Karen, Susan and Lesley for all your help with the purchase and sale of our homes. We will highly recommend Grisdales and thank you all for your professional and friendly service. – March 2018

- S Reddock, Whitehaven

Alison and Destiny were both fine and spot on. I just really like the way they are as people and the way they communicate. I have already recommended you to other that I work with.- March 2018

- Anon, Cockermouth

Diane was very good, very helpful and I really like people who put the extra time in and she does. There is nothing at all that needs to be improved and I would highly recommend you.- March 2018

- Anon, Brayton, Aspatria

When we found a house advertised by Grisdales that we wanted to renovate and rent out, we had lots of questions as we had not done this before. From the day we viewed until the day the agreement was signed the staff guided us all the way.  Once the renovations were completed we signed the property over to Grisdales to manage and they had found a tenant within a week, completed all the checks and had a date for the tenancy to begin.  We have been very impressed by their efficiency and the way they have kept us informed at every stage. - Feb 2018

- Anon, Workington

I went into the Cockermouth branch and spoke with Diane who helped me get a viewing. I also spoke with Susan and Lewis, the mortgage advisor. Even though he is not fully part of the Grisdales staff, he has been very good. All the staff have been very helpful. We have found a property and are in the process of it going through. - January 2018

- Anon, Cockermouth

Helen and Toni have been very friendly and helpful.  There is nothing at all you can improve as I cannot find fault with anything.  They made this so easy and stress free for us. - January 2018

- Mr & Mrs Rumgay, Workington

The team are really supportive and helped me with the purchase. They were supportive of our circumstances, really great overall. I was mainly dealing with Susan. They sent me a card afterwards which was lovely. - November 2017

- Mr K Briggs, Cockermouth

Judith and Alison have both been very good, very easy to get along with them. I deal with a lot of agencies and I feel as though they are the best ones. I found that when they got my property on the market it all went very quickly and we had it let within a few weeks. Overall I am very happy. - November 2017

- Steve Walker, Newcastle

Excellent! Perfect! Rob came to have a look, valued our property and took the photos. We had 9 viewings on the 1st View day and one before. As a result within a week we had a sold sign put up. - December 2017

- Mr M Mannion

I have have had a great experience. Judith is brilliant! She has always been really friendly, professional and personable. - November 2017

- Anon, Asby

The service has been excellent! There was very good after-care and so on. They did me very proud, it was all the team in Cockermouth who did well, they were excellent! - November 2017

- Mr Howell, Lamplugh

The information provided at the valuation was very good and very helpful. Judith was absolutely great, very friendly and came across very well. She was clear on what adds value and what does not; she explained the breakdown of charges too, and talked us through it all in a clear and structured way. - November 2017

- A Edwards, Branthwaite

Susan and Diane have always been very helpful and supportive. I do not think there is anything you could improve as the ladies have always been very supportive and helpful. - November 2017

- Anon, Maryport

Great experience. Alison has been perfect. Everything was so efficient and everything got processed very quickly. The communication has been amazing so Overall there is nothing at all I can complain about. - November 2017

- Ms S Tubby, Cockermouth

My main point of contact has been Judith and she has been very,very good. There is absolutely nothing at all you could do to improve the service. She just gets things done and is very good at maintaining good relations. - November 2017

- Mr G Day, Cockermouth

I would be highly likely to recommend Grisdales. What I really liked is the follow ups after viewings. Any questions I have had about the property have been researched and answered. - November 2017

- Mr C Stone, Whitehaven

Lynn came out to value our property and she was absolutely brilliant! The service has been great. - October 2017

- Mr C Miller, Cockermouth

There was no problems and I feel that as a local and friendly agent the branch have been able to answer any questions pretty well. I have specifically dealt with Rob, Alison and Susan and all are very helpful. I have now found and bought a property through Grisdales, I was delighted! - October 2017

- P Marsh, Cockermouth

Clare was very helpful, gave me a lot of information and explained all the packages to us. I was very happy with the valuation price and all my options I was given. I thought Clare went the extra mile for us.- October 2017

- Anon, Workington

20/10!!! You were all absolutely brilliant! Helen was really helpful, she was just outstanding! The whole process was very smooth and I would highly recommend you. - October 2017

- J Fisher, High Harrington

Wendy has been really helpful and the service offered has been exceptional.  The staff accommodated our needs and everything has been really smooth.  - October 2017

- Anon, Egremont

Everyone was good, I was impressed with Grisdales as we had it with someone else before. We sold our house within a week with you and I was so happy. - October 2016

- Anon, Bigrigg

Toni was brilliant.  She was absolutely spot on.  The whole service was very smooth from helping me find a property to getting me moved in. - September 2017

- Anon, Workington

Really pleased with the progression. The staff are all very helpful. The customer service is excellent, the agents ensure that things are done and taken care of promptly.- September 2017

- D Higham, Whitehaven

Very pleased with the service. Initially was dealing with Toni from the Workington branch,  and then Wendy at the Whitehaven branch and was able to find a property. Everyone at Grisdales has been very good to us.  Fantastic service all round.- September 2017

- F Murphy, Lowca

All of the agents were brilliant, the whole process was so quick and I was so happy. Another agent I have had in the past made me jump through hoops and with you it was so easy and stress-free. - August 2017

- J Hodgkiss, Mirehouse

Andrea has been very helpful.  If we have a problem we ring her up and she is always willing to help us solve it. - August 2017

- J Cameron, Whitehaven

The team are extremely quick at replying to phone calls and queries. Problems are always sorted straightaway, we are never waiting around. Wendy is brilliant, she was fantastic.  - October 2017

- L Jackson, Whitehaven

Very excellent service.  The staff are very helpful and prompt in getting things done.  Very happy with everything so far. - October 2017

- Anon, Whitehaven

It was all brilliant!  Cath has been so helpful and sorted everything out for me when I needed her to.  I cannot fault her one bit. -  October 2017

- Anon, Whitehaven

Clare has been brilliant! There is absolutely nothing to improve. I work away a lot so you basically did everything and I never had a doubt or any problem. - September 2017

- Anon, Harrington

Toni has been brilliant since the moment I walked through the door. I cannot fault Grisdales or think of anything to improve. They have just been fantastic. - September 2017

- B Sparks, Workington

Toni has been brilliant. I have seen her at a few viewings and she recognised me which was great. I cannot think of anything that needs to improve. - September 2017

- Anon, Workington

It was wonderful, the overall service was great and the team were very prompt at responding to enquiries. They are by far the best estate agents in the area. Grisdales were the only ones who were attentive to our needs. - September 2017

- Anon, Maryport

Happy with the service offered. Only been on the market for 5 days and the property was sold! Laura has been really great. - September 2017

- D Rowland, Seaton

The service has been excellent and the staff are all fantastic. The overall process has been smooth and I am pleased with everything. I would highly recommend Grisdales.- September 2017

- K Speight, High Harrington

Alison has been great, helpful and informative. She did everything she said she would by the time she said she would do it. I have no outstanding issues because very time I have reported an issue, it has been dealt with very quickly. - August 2017

- Mr B Grant, Workington

Rob was very good, very nice and explained everything to me. I would not hesitate to recommend him for his approach-ability and politeness. He is very honest in everything he does. - September 2017

- Anon, Cockermouth

Susan has been very good, her communication skills are  good and she has gone above and beyond. We have accepted an offer that Susan has negotiated for us. - September 2017

- Mr & Mrs Sams, Frizington

Judith and Alison are very professional, very helpful, attentive and responsive. I have no concerns at all when it comes to the service. I am very impressed with their professionalism, how they approach things and they are also very trustworthy.  They have given us so much help and advice, for that I am very grateful.- September 2017

- Anon, Cockermouth

Everything is fantastic! I could not fault anything and I could not think of anything to improve. I would highly recommend you to others. - September 2017

- Mr Hodgson, Distington

The staff are all fantastic. Things were sorted out quickly and professionally. Alison was really helpful and made sure everything was well taken care of. - September 2017

- Mr P French, Cockermouth

The communication was all very good. Alison and Gill kept us informed on things and everyone in general has been really helpful. Fantastic service overall and would highly recommend the service. - September 2017

- Mr N Lee, Loweswater

It was Toni who was helping, she was really friendly and helpful. She was very easy to deal with. - June 2017

- Miss D, Seaton

The overall service was very good, and in particular Toni kept us up to date with the move-in process. I am happy with the property since the move in. - July 2017

- Miss M, Crosby

It has been fine, I cannot complain at all. My main contact has been Toni, she is fantastic. Everything is really good with the property and any problems have always been sorted promptly. - July 2017

- Mr Smith, Workington

Grisdales are always efficient with responding to questions, they always met requirements and helped with anything I asked for. Toni was very helpful and knowledgeable, and responded quickly and this really made a difference. She was excellent and always got back to me. - July 2017

- Mr W, Whitehaven

Toni in the Workington branch is always very helpful This is the main thing for me, as they have kept in contact and always been responsive and happy to answer any questions I have had. - July 2017

- Mr B, Crosby

I deal mainly with Toni in rentals, she is excellent! She does what we want her to do, does it well and keeps us well informed. We always know what is going on. We would never leave Grisdales while Toni is there. Generally, all the staff in Workington do a good job for me whether it be sales or rentals. - July 2017

- Mr H, High Harrington

There have been no problems. Toni has been great as an agent, she was always able to answer any questions and help me out and there are no problems with the property at all. - July 2017

- Mr W, Workington

Alison was absolutely fantastic, she could not have done her job any better. She was "spot on". Gill was also "spot on" and both were faultless. - July 2017

- Miss L Meadwell, Little Clifton

Wendy was fantastic from the office; she was mega friendly, very helpful and easy to talk to. She made us feel very comfortable, she is a darling, a really lovely lady! - July 2017

- Mrs K Knowles, Egremont

First class service! Diane was fantastic! She kept me informed, came back to me regularly and quickly. She looked after me and pushed everything along nicely. Everything moved smoothly once we had an offer. - June 2017

- Mr J McMaster, Wigton

I can't fault Grisdales at all, they are all professional and friendly. They have a good system going on, I feel confident that I am in safe hands. Judith is absolutely lovely, inspires confidence, she explained the process and since then Samantha has been our contact.  May 2017

- Mrs A Johnston, Cockermouth

I have already recommended Grisdales to a few people and they now have houses up for sale. The attitude of the staff was absolutely brilliant, very willing to keep us in the loop all the time and the feedback they provided was amazing. We felt more included then we thought was possible and the sale went through really smoothly and quickly. Emma came to do the valuation but our main point of contact was Helen and she was great. - April 2017

- Helen Byers, Maryport

Grisdales are wonderful, very kind and considerate.  Happy with the contact I have had with Alison who has been very helpful.  No issues at all with the service compared to the service I have received from the agents I have just left. - March 2017

- Joan Harding, Cockermouth

This is the third property we have sold through Grisdales and our thanks go to Louise and Amy for their hard work and professionalism.  They are excellent ambassadors for the company and made the sale a smooth, relatively stress free process.  We would not hesitate to recommend Grisdales to our friends/relatives. - March 2017

- Ian and Janet Poultney, Egremont

The service has been brilliant, I have had no problems with the service.  Judith and Alison have been grand.  Nothing to improve on at all. - March 2017

- Mr Holyoak, Silloth

The service has been brilliant, Toni was very helpful throughout the process, I have been very satisfied with the whole service. No problems at all. - February 2017

- Miss B, Workington

Brilliant service, did exactly what you said you would. The house is beautiful and I can't fault you at all. - February 2017

- Mr A, Workington

Everything is fantastic, Toni is brilliant, I am very happy with the whole service. There is nothing to improve on at all.- February 2017

- Mr Barakat, Workington

I think that they need to make some awards for the staff, for putting up with me, they are brilliant. Jacqui is really nice, she is really lovely. No issues at all with the service. - February 2017

- Mrs Cutler, Dearham

It's the efficiency and the pleasantness of the staff that count for me. It's a combination of two or three people we deal with, Kay has been the main person, but also Diane and Susan. They are all doing a great job. Keep it up! - February 2017

- Mr B Brown, Aspatria

Your internet presence is excellent. On the viewing Amy was amazing at answering our questions, her knowledge was superb, the customer service level was very good and she really anticipated all of my questions and impressed us. - January 2017

- Anon, Gosforth

The move went great. I think that Sophie was absolutely fantastic. She is very on the ball and helpful. I dealt with Sophie mainly, but also with Cath regarding moving out of my old property - January 2017

- Miss Gordon, Cleator Moor

I feel Grisdales have given great advice and the overall service has been really helpful. - January 2017

- P MacKay, Cockermouth

We were absolutely delighted with the service we received from Grisdales - from start to completion of our recent property sale. They handled our sale professionally and efficiently, nothing was a problem and the whole transaction went through extremely smoothly. We will certainly be using them on our next purchase or sale. - January 2017

- J Watts, Whitehaven

I have been very pleased with the service from Toni, she is fantastic and all has been perfect. - December 2016

- Mr G Johnson, Workington

The service is good overall.  The staff are always friendly and helpful.  Clare, Nyssa and Toni are all very good. - December 2016

- Mr O – Workington

The service was excellent throughout the process, Emma and Helen were really helpful, brilliant and understanding.- December 2016

- Mrs A Dunne, Workington

The service was absolutely brilliant. Sam, Susan and Diane have been fantastic and everybody was very prompt and accommodating. No issues at all with the service and nothing to improve on.- November 2016

- K B, Cockermouth

I am quite happy with how everything has been dealt with and managed. I don't think anything could be improved. - November 2016

- Mrs Hughes, Cockermouth

My tenancy is progressing fine. Grisdales have done a good job and I would not hesitate to use them again. - November 2016

- Mr Moore, Cockermouth

I have used Grisdales for over 20 years and Judith has always provided a good service. No issues at all. - November 2016

- Mr & Mrs A Keenan, Cockermouth

The agents have been very helpful and the service has been great. I am very happy with the contact I have had with Helen and Emma and have no issues at all, I can't think of anything that you need to improve on. - November 2016

- E Russell, Seaton

I was very happy with the contact I had with Helen who was really helpful and good at communicating throughout the smooth process. I had no issues at all with the service. - November 2016

- A Ryan, Workington

Grisdales are so easy and pleasant to deal with, they made the whole process really smooth. My thanks go to the whole team, but a special thank you to Helen - she was fantastic.- October 2016

- Mr & Mrs Murray, Workington

The staff have been very friendly and informative, they have kept me up to date with everything and dealt with any problems efficiently. I am very happy with the contact I have had with Gill.- September 2016

- Mrs Q, Keswick

I would definitely recommend Grisdales. The agents have helped loads and really went out of their way to do so. I also had fast responses, with them calling back when they said they would. I mainly dealt with Laura and Wendy.- September 2016

- Ms L Innes, Egremont

The whole team are very friendly and they are able to answer all of my questions. I am very happy with the contact we have with Andrea and Ailsa and we have had no issues at all. I can't think of anything you need to improve on. - September 2016

- Mr West, Whitehaven

Everything has been fine for the last 15 years with the lettings team and we are happy with the contact we have with Judith. We have no problems at all with the lettings team. - September 2016

- Mr & Mrs H, Cockermouth

The service was very good and friendly, the agents were very helpful throughout the whole process. I can't think of anything that could've been improved. - November 2016

- Mr & Mrs Senior

We have dealt with Clare for a long time and we are very happy with the service, contact and communication has all been good, we have had no issues at all. - November 2016

- Mr L-D

Everything has been brilliant, the communication has been good and repairs are always resolved on time. Very happy with the contact I have had with Clare and Toni, it has been an exceptional service. No issues at all. - November 2016

- Mr Ferguson, Seaton

Everything is fine with the tenancy. The staff are absolutely brilliant and talked me through everything step by step; they were very professional and offered good advice. I dealt with various staff members; all were good. - November 2016

- Mr Myers, Workington

The girls in the office give a really good personal service. Everything is managed efficiently and I feel we have a really good working relationship. November 2016

- Mrs E Tuck, Cockermouth

The service has been great. We had a lovely agent who showed us around the property, she was fantastic, really helpful with everything and kept us well updated throughout the process. No issues at all. - November 2016

- Anon, Cockermouth

Grisdales are always helpful and I will always stick with them as I have been with them for many years. Anything I ask for is dealt with straight away. - October 2016

- D Harrison, Keswick

You helped us find the perfect property, and throughout the initial stages there were great suggestions and the viewing experience was informative and helpful. - November 2016

- Gilcrux, Aspatria

The Whitehaven team have been brilliant. Louise goes above and beyond. The service has been fantastic, happy with the viewings and feedback. Lynn was also great with the help she gave. - October 16

- Mr & Mrs Oliver, Whitehaven

Susan, The whole process of selling was stressful, but the thing you did was always to keep your patience and recognise our predicament. We really appreciated that - as well as your perseverance. As my mum always says "it's nice to be nice" and you seem to live by the same code. - September 16

- Mr Watson – Cockermouth

I have been with Grisdales for 12 years now, I always have good tenants and I have never had any problems. I put my complete faith in you. You are very thorough with everything, as it is a furnished property. Happy with the contact I have had with Sophie - July 16.

- Mrs Whiteway – Kiln Brow, Cleator

Everything is really good, everybody is very helpful. Happy with the contact I have with Judith, she is excellent. We are delighted with everything and we would always recommend you.

- Mr & Mrs Steel – Cockermouth

Truly amazing, so much better than our solicitor. We cant recommend Helen at Grisdales highly enough. She Stood out, head and shoulders above all of the other estate agents. Communication was brilliant and meaningful. If I had an issue she would always sort it out. Really Happy with the service received from Helen.

- Mrs Smith – Maryport

Overall the service has been fine over the years, I have never had an issue. I have worked with a few members of the team including Toni, Laura, Amy, and Louise. They have all been wonderful! I have found that in particular Toni over excels herself, she goes above and beyond her call of duty especially on delivering the viewings. She has a way to travel, but always makes the effort, I really appreciate this.

- Mr & Mrs Workman – St Bees

I have no complaints at all, there is really nothing Grisdales could do to improve their service.  I have received brilliant service from the lettings team. From the time I was looking to move in, to the actual move in itself it has been excellent.  You were so quick and really took my time scale into consideration.  I would certainly come back to you for letting or sale, you have provided great customer service.  I felt valued and you truly have an amazing team.  Alison was really helpful, but I also worked with Judith and Irene who were also really good

- Miss Manser – Cockermouth

I'm very happy and my experience with Grisdales has been the best I've ever had from an estate agent. Emma was extremely proactive, thorough and I've had good contact throughout

- Mr Simpson, Maryport

It would be easy to forget all the frustrations and anxieties of the purchasing process, but that is where the estate agent is crucial.  Grisdales sales staff are excellent and we what we  appreciated most was being kept informed at every stage and the openness and honesty of the sales team.

- Mr & Mrs Burton

“To Lynne and all the Grisdales, Whitehaven team and to Jacqui – with best wishes for Christmas and our thanks for all your hard work on our behalf throughout the year from Richard & John”

- John South & Richard Burgess

I'm very happy, Grisdales have always been very efficient, have always done what I have needed or wanted very quickly and been helpful all the way.

- Mr Mattinson

I'm very happy and have been very impressed with Judith and the service.

- Mr S Brown

So glad we chose Grisdales, they were helpful and kept us informed throughout the sale of our house.  We would choose them again !

- Ms Robinson

It would be easy to forget all the frustrations and anxieties of the purchasing process, but that is where the estate agent is crucial.  Grisdales sales staff are excellent and we what we  appreciated most was being kept informed at every stage and the openness and honesty of the sales team.

- Mr & Mrs Burton

Compared to other estate agents I have used, Grisdales makes everything a lot clearer.  I like how there are photos of meter readings and that lots of information is provided.

- Ms F Blaylock